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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  January 30, 2012 4:00am-4:30am EST

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flipping support. newt gingrich pulse pulls out the stops as mitt romney pulls ahead with a day to go before the primary. deadly pileup of a florida interstate turns into a death trap when drivers are blinded by fog and smoke. facebook is expected to make fog and smoke. facebook is expected to make the big announcement this week. captioning funded by cbs this is the "cbs morning news" for monday, january 30, 2012. and good morning everyone. i'm terrell brown. the race toward tomorrow's florida primary has been topsy, tipsy turvy. this morning, it looks like mitt romney has the upper hand.
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a fading newt gingrich is attacking his politic and tactics. several polls released saturday night shows romney with a double digit lead. gingrich says he'll fight all the way to the convention. susan mcginnis who is somehow freezing in tampa, florida has the latest. >> it is cold. looking at the polls, it appears romney is going to clobber gingrich here in florida. he's outspending him five to one in advertising here. that has gingrich slamming romney for "carpet bagging" his record. mitt romney trying to pump up florida voters ahead of tuesday's critical primary. >> get out and voeft, vote on tuesday. >> a pep rally in pompano beach last night kept his attacks on rival newt gingrich. >> his record was one of failed leadership. we don't need someone who can speak well perhaps or say the things we agree with but not the experience of an effective leader. >> romney leads the gop pac in
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florida but gingrich insists that the race is closer than polls show. the former house speaker greeted voters sunday and said he's willing to keep up his fight well past tuesday. >> the clearer we are about a pro abortion, pro gun control, pro tax increase, massachusetts moderate the less likely he's win a majority anyway. >> as gingrich and romney battle it out in florida, the others are looking ahead to the next contest. rick santorum is expected to campaign in missouri and minnesota today. the former pennsylvania senator canceled stops in florida sunday to be with his three-year-old daughter who is hospitalized with pneumonia. his oldest daughter, elizabeth, stood in his place. >> i know he's missing on talking to you. thank you all for coming out. it's so encouraging to see all of you here. >> as for texas congressman ron paul, he's by passing florida altogether. focusing instead on caucus
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states like nevada. as gingrich accuses romney of telling lies about him, he's also accusing republican leaders of allowing it saying that that's out of fear of losing control of the old order. terrell? >> susan mcginnis in tampa for us. thank you: it's reported that the afghan government is preparing to hold direct peace talks with the taliban. they would take place in saudi arabia in the coming weeks. they said they would only talk to the u.s. and other allies of the government. secretary of defense leon panetta still believes someone in the pakistani government knew where osama bin laden was hiding. on "60 minutes" last night, panetta said he has no hard evidence. the helicopters passed over the compound where osama bin laden was killed. >> we had sheen military helicopters actually going over this compound. >> pakistani military helicopters.
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>> yes. for that reason, it concerned us that if we in fact brought him into that, it might give bin laden a heads up. >> you can see more of scott pelley's interview on the "60 minutes" page of cbs the bloody ten-month rebellion against president bashar assad is closing in in damascus. the suburbs were targeted yesterday. they're in control of the dissidents. the violence has been approaching damascus for weeks. heavy fighting is reported. at least 62 people were killed on sunday. in this country, occupy protesters have been served notice. they have to get out of mcpherson square today. an officer used a taser on one who became aggressive. police are conducting an internal inquiry. >> in oakland, california, protesters clash with police. more than 400 people were
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arrested on saturday. the protesters broke into city hall and other buildings. police chased demonstrators around the city. rocks and bottles were thrown. the mayor of oakland says enough is enough. >> the occupy oakland has got to stop using oakland as a playground and that people in the community and people in the o being pie movement have to stop making excuses for this behavior. >> oakland is quiet this morning. the city estimates the demonstrations have cost of the city about $5 million. salvage officials say it will take up to ten months to remove the capsized cruise ship. the search for more victims was called off because of rough seas. a 17th victim was removed saturday. investigators say blinding fog and smoke are behind a chain reaction interstate pileup in florida. in gainesville, it killed at least ten people.
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investigators believe the smoke came from an intentionally set wildfire. drew levinson reports. >> parts of interstate 75 south of gainesville were littered with the remains of dozens of cars and trucks sunday. what was left of the trailer of this big rig was still on fire. smoke billowing to the sky. the truck behind it and the car in front were smashed up like an accordion. hours earlier in the middle of the night, more than 70 vehicles ran into each other in a series of deadly multicar crashes. dense fog combined heavy smoke from a brushfire left drivers virtually blinded and defenseless. one woman told the local newspaper that all of a sudden she couldn't see anything and struck a guardrail. her car ended up sideways. as she was calling 911 she heard other crashes all around her. >> she had crashes on the north and the southbound sieftd interstate in that area of the road. it dips down.
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it's a low area. >> police say visibility was so bad that when rescuers first arrived, they found victims by listening for screams and moans. pfire investigators are trying o determine if an arsonist is to blame for the wildfire that burned more than 60 acres of nearby prairie land. smoke from the fire along with the fog forced police to close the highway earlier. but they reopened it and soon after the crashes began. for much of the day, all six lanes of i-75 were closed for miles as investigators removed the wreckage and surveyed the roads for damage. drew levinson, cbs news. investigators are still trying to figure out why the driver of an suv drove into the path of a commuter train in sacramento, california. there was a flashing crossing warning. three people were killed in the crash, including a one-year-old boy. one person survived that crash. the train was traveling at 55 miles per hour when it hit the suv. that train threw the suv 30 yards down the track.
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let's take a quick break. coming up, a ceo turns down a million dollar bonus. plus, facebook likes this announcement. building over its ipo. possibly the biggest debut for app american company. first scott pelley has a preview of tonight's "cbs evening news." it's the sunshine state showdown. florida. where unemployment is still nearly so% and the foreclosure rate is among the highest in the nation. we'll be live from this key battleground state on primary night this week on the "cbs evening news." when bp made a commitment to the gulf,
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we were determined to see it through. here's an update on the progress. we're paying for all spill related clean-up costs. bp findings supports independent scientists studying the gulf's environment. thousands of environmental samples have been tested and all beaches and waters are open. and the tourists are back. i was born here, i'm still here and so is bp.
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are made with sweet cherries and the crisp, clean taste of our cranberries. i cannot tell a lie. 'tis tasty. okay, george washington, did you take my truck out last night? 'tis tasty. but i wanted more support for my heart. i found centrum specialist. a complete multivitamin enhanced for what's important to me. vision. energy. prenatal. heart. [ man] new centrum specialist helps make nutrition possible. a big night at the screen actors guild awards for the help. they won top awards, including best actress for viola davis and the best supporting actress. the awards put it on the fast track to win oscar gold next month. cbs money watch, the e.u. summit kicks off today.
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action movies dominate the box office. ashley morrison in new york with more. good morning. >> good morning, terrell. market in asia slumped this morning. the nikkei dropped more than pstraight session of losses. the hang seng shed more than 1.5%. on wall street, investors are looking for the dow to get back on track. it lost 74 points on friday and finished in the red for the first time this year. the nasdaq was up 11 points. the january jobs report will come out this week and and exxon-mobil. the big news on wall street is the announcement that facebook is going public. the social media site could file paperwork for an ipo in week. facebook could raise as much as $10 billion once it starts selling the stock to the public. european leaders are meeting in brussels today to try to solve the debt crisis. the summit will focus on austerity measures and a
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tentative greek debt deal reached over the weekend. but the leaders will be facing protests. belgium's three major unions launched a 24-hour strike last night. the chief executive of the royal bank of scotland is turning down his $1.5 million bonus. steven hester opted not to take the money after receiving criticism from the public and the media in britain. the british government owns an 83% share in rbs after gabailin bank out in 2008. moviegoers give a warm welcome to the "the grey "requesting. the thriller debuted at number one making $20 million. underworld awakening slipped to second place, making $12.5 million and one for the money starring katherine heigl opened in third with $11.8 million. look like good movies. >> go to the movies to see snow, right, ashley? >> we have to do that. >> ashley morrison here in new
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in l.a. let's check the national forecast. latest satellite picture shows clear skies over the south. it's cloudy over new england. a massive -- all the way to the great lakes. more clouds across the northwest and the northern part of california. in sports this morning, a thrilling and historic men's final at the australian open. it was a sweat drenched endurance contest between nadal > >> joke vich. they made it the longest grand slam singles final ever. dvo -- came out on top. he's now won three straight grand slam titles. >> in basketball, the bulls almost take one from the heat. take a look, of course. lebron james makes the highlight reel. jumping over john lucas. he's only 5'11". less than ten on the clock, rose drives the lane.
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take the yum pjumper to tie the. the heat go on to beat the bulls. a highlight in denver. cory brewer takes a half court shot at the third quarter buzzer. rudy fernandez is there for the no look tip-in. even after all of that, the clippers beat the nuggets, 109-105. it is officially super bowl week. so let the hype begin. the new england patriots made the short flight to indianapolis. wheels down around 5:00 yesterday afternoon. coah bill belichick wanted the team there early to practice. the new york giants arrive there today. a shootout at the pro bowl in hawaii. there were a lot of great pro throws and catches. marshall arguably made the best catch of the day, pulling in this one. a 47-yard pass in the fourth while lying on his back. are you serious? >> the afc sets a new pro bowl record beating the nfc.
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59-4 is. when we come back, another look at the top stories and toy story. orion says it will return a stealth drone captured last month, sort of. ♪
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here's a look at the weather around the country. d.c., partly cloudy, 49 degrees. atlanta, mostly sunny skies, 61. rain mixed with snow in detroit. 37 degrees. partly sunny, denver, 62. seattle, showers and 50 degrees. top stories now on a monday. the florida primary is tomorrow. several new polls show mitt romney pulling ahead by double digits over newt gingrich. gingrich is slamming romney for a steady stream of attacks and accused romney of lying. in at least ten people were killed when dozens of cars and trucks slammed into each other
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on a florida interstate in gainesville. the sunday morning wreck was caused when drivers were blinded by fog and smoke from a brushfire. in canada shall swift justice in a shocking case. three family members are guilty of so-called honor killings. it took a jury 15 hours yesterday to find the afghan husband, wife and their son guilty of murdering three teenage sisters and another woman. their bodies were found trapped in a submerged car three years ago. prosecutors say the defendants killed the sisters because they defied family rules on dress, dating and socializing. in detroit, a very unusual demonstration. last year there were 344 murders in the motor city. up 12% from 2010. already this year, 27 people have been killed. so as michelle miller reports, some funeral directors took to the streets to protest the rising violence. >> by and large, it's the younger people that's dying, that's killing each other. >> o'neal swan san has buried detroit residents for years. these days, business is booming
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for all the wrong reasons. >> you will look and you'll think about the potential that these youngsters had was taken away. >> last sunday, dozens of detroit's undertakens drove a motorcade of hearsts through the violent neighborhood. they bore a simple message from the bible. swanson led the procession. >> these are funeral directors. they don't want business that way. >> elaine saw the hearsts in downtown detroit as she was making funeral arrangement for her son-in-law. 36-year-old was a married father of five shot and killed in front of his two sons when he tried to break up a fight. >> did you feel relieved someone is standing up? >> do you know what i felt? i felt pride because a funeral director is coming together with his fellow funeral directors and saying, enough is enough.
4:22 am
>> we want to send a message out to the youngsters that we're concerned that someone cares and if we had more jobs, i think you'd see a difference throughout america if there were more jobs. >> swanson hopes that one day he'll be the one business owner in america relieved to have fewer clients. michelle miller, cbs news, detroit. we go overseas now in israel. the one of the high tech drones has crashed. the drone, which is capable of reaching a iran was on an experimental flight when a wing fell off causing it to go down in israel yesterday. this is israel's biggest drone with a wingspan of 87 feet, the same as a boeing 737. the crash is under investigation. it looks like iran is returning the u.s. drone it captured last month but with one catch. it's sending back a toy replica of the unmanned aircraft. iranian toy maker plans to send back a fake version of the lost
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good morning welcome to news now. today is monday january 30th. boy this month has just flown by. thanks for being with us. i'm andrea reason.
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monica cant is back. the 30th. exactly. hey, good morning, everybody. you'll need the jackets today. but we have unseasonably warm weather coming back tomorrow and wednesday. >> we are loving it. >> yes. here's a look at the day planner with temperatures this morning. here's the day planner, they are running in the 30s. 34 now with clear skies. sunrise is at 7:15. by noon 41. by 5:44. lies today, 45, 46. maybe 47 is what i'm thinking. mid-40s should do it for most of it. last night had this little batch of rain and snow pushed through. winchester they are putting down a little bit of the salt this morning. temperatures got below freezing after we got this little burst, so it is possible there are a few slick spots.
4:27 am
behind this, cleared out. temperatures down to 29 in leesburg. 30 winchester. manassas 25. we could have a couple of slick spots. anap list above freezing. highs in the mid-40s, possibly 50 for southern and southwest. monday cay will tell us about the construction news. >> reporter: good morning, everybody. just after 3:00 this morning there was a serious accident on the inbound side of i 56 route 29 in gainsville and a med evac helicopter has just come and gone from the scene. we just got word one lane to the left inbound side has been reopened the inbound side of i 56. rest assured if you are heading
4:28 am
inbound through gainsville the left lane right now is getting by. if you are coming in from route 234 you will be able to access 56 without a problem. no worries otherwise around the area. this is what it looks like nob -- northbound on 395 from the river up to the 14th street bridge. i'll update you on the situation from gainsville. today at noon national parks services are expected to begin a strict no camping rule at mcpherson square. the move comes after republican lawmakers questioned why occupy water protesters have been allowed to live there since october. officials say demonstrators will still be allowed to protest at the two sites, but they won't be allowed to sleep there. >> reporter: 13 hours and counting until the national parks service begins enforcing
4:29 am
a ban on camping here at mcpherson square and freedom plaza. will that mark the end of the occupy protest movement? protesters say no. nearly four months after beginning their occupy protest, protesters have apparently worn out their welcome with the national parks service. after numerous complaints about trash and rat problems, especially at mcpherson square, including a formal complaint from dc mayor vincent gray, the parks service says starting at noon tomorrow the ban on camping will be enforced and the use of temporary structures for camping in mcpherson square and freedom plaza. anyone in violation can be arrested and have their camping gear confiscated. >> reporter: how long have you been out there? >> since september.


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